I’d like to have a big kitchen (or a small but practically arranged) where I can cook and keep my recipe books and make my own pasta.
And I’d also like to have a big bathroom with a big bathtub and a shower cabin that’s surrounded by live bamboo trees (alternatively any other green plants)
And I’d like to have a puppy, a well behaved puppy with some naughty sparkles and cats (definitely less than 8!)
A garden with a bench and some cherry trees
And table and chairs in the garden
And lots of candles all over the house
And a fireplace so we can curl up in front of the fire
Wine-rack in the kitchen and wine glasses
I can happily live without a walk-in wardrobe but I’d like to have a big mirror
And pillows and blankets on the sofa
A bookshelf full of books on science and animals, history, nature, the world
Enjoying sunsets
Fresh coffee in the mornings
Making pancakes for breakfast with apple and cinnamon
Dancing in the evening sometimes or singing
Spending weekends in the nature, walking, hiking, running, cycling
Laughing hard if I screw up dinner and order pizza
Drinking wine and having long conversations about something that makes sense. Or doesn’t make sense at all.
Cuddling up in the morning before I have to take brave steps to face the world
Listening to your heartbeat and breathing
I’d like to have someone who prefers sightseeing or adventure or active holidays to sitting at the pool and drinking cocktails
Hot soups for cold
Getting soaking wet in the rain sometimes
Creating memories
Making dreams come true
Being a woman
Being me


Photo credit : Kismeli, one of my closest friends


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