I earned it! Poor baby has been bitten by a fox yesterday night and I have only just discovered it last night.
So I picked up sanitiser, healing gel and sudocream and I went to clear it.
When I put the sanitiser on he ran away. Probably it hurt his leg but after like 5 minutes he came back and sat down on the kitchen top, waiting patiently for me to treat his leg.


I gave him a little cheese and I put the healing gel on and I covered it with Sudocream. And he was just munching on his cheese patiently. He was a very brave boy.
When an animal is injured and they come to you and let you treat their wound even if it temporarily hurts more, well, that’s hard earned trust. And I earned it. He doesn’t hate me, he’s not running away or anything. He know I wanted to help and that’s why he came to me. Sylvester trusts me and that’s the most a human can achieve with an animal. The ultimate trust.

And here’s the healing boy:


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