I think loneliness comes from inside. No matter how many people there are around you, how big family you have. If there are a lot of people around you you can silence it, suppress but loneliness sits there, waiting patiently.
Once you find yourself, you’re in harmony with your inner Self loneliness will be gone. Loneliness shows you’re still looking for something. Do not silence it. Find your harmony!



3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Loneliness

    • Yes, I agree. Still I think the main source of loneliness, the feeling of loneliness comes from within. But we as a human race are a social kind. We need other humans around to be OK otherwise we’re lost lonely or not

      • You are right, too. Those stuck in bad marriages, who feel lonely in a crowd, who can’t escape from a feeling of loneliness despite having others who care around them are among the loneliest.

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