I have had my first ever CT!

I’ve been having double vision for 3 weeks. It came suddenly with no apparent reason. Eyes are not working together. I went to the GP who looked at my eyes and she found nothing so she referred me to an ophthalmologist on Monday. Yesterday I got a call from A&E after lunch asking me to go to the A&E to get my eyes checked. I spent 4 hours there! And I was totally brave. OK,  from time to time I lost it a little bit but mostly I was alright. I saw 3 doctors. They were examining my eyes, the movements, vision, we did multiple tests to see what the problem is. They did a CT and a blood test. One of them stayed late to wait for me to hear my results and consult with doctor number 2. Then he arranged CT and took a blood sample and handed me over to the doctor on call. In like 40 minutes she confirmed everything is fine with my shiny brain according to the CT and I’m healthy according to the blood test. (Possible things I imagined and actual possible potential causes: MS, diabetes, thyroid issues, tumor) I have a rogue nerve that stopped working perfectly and that’s causing the double vision. I got a prism patch on my glasses, well, on one of them and that corrects the vision temporarily. Until my nerve fixes itself. I feel so relieved. And finally I see single and I’m no longer feeling sick… My eyes are still adjusting (it takes a week or so to get used to the prism patch) so typing is challenging sometimes but I’m OK.

And I’m very proud of myself for not really panicking like I would have a year ago. I was able to be a normal human being without going totally mental like it would have happened a year ago. I definitely deserve a hug!
And the doctors and nurses and whole staff in Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital deserves a hug and kisses and a lot of praising for helping me and doing everything they could to make me see normal again.


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