My eyes are better today so I thought I’d quickly post some food I made!


Chestnut and mushroom pie in Filo pastry.
Slice and dice onion and mushrooms (I used portabellini mushrooms) and slowly fry then cook them for 15 minutes. Add the chestnut pieces in (I bought pre – cooked ones by Merchant Gourmet ) and cook them for another 10 minutes adding some single cream or milk to make it creamy.
Leave enough liquid in it otherwise the pie will be very dry but the filling still has to be quite thick. Line a tray with two sheets of Filo pastry  (I used Jus Roll) and add the filling in. Grate some cheddar cheese on top or parmigiano and cover it with another sheet of pastry. Spread some olive oil on top (not more than a teaspoon) and put it in the pre – heated oven for like 20 minutes until the top is golden brownish. Ready to eat or take away.
The tray in the picture contains 6 portions and I used 500 grams of portabellini mushrooms and 360 grams of chestnut. One portion is around 300 calories. Enjoy!


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