This week I’m running very low on energy. I haven’t been sleeping well for a while and work is just very stressful. It also affects my blog as I just don’t have the brainpower to come up with anything vaguely interesting. So as a last resort I turn to the cats for help. My housemate has 8 cats (ain’t no kidding!!!) and many times I just simply refer to them as ‘The Gang’


Usually they’re not at the aame place at the same time but dinner is generally an exception to give up hissing and growling. So, meet the gang members!
Let’s start with the kittens:
Onesie: smart and calm kitty with long, dangling legs, traditional black and white. Putting a cloak on him would make him an amazing batman. He likes observing things for example the hoover or growling – hissing Tinkerbelle. Brother of Fluffle and Sylvester. Full name is Christopher Onesie Breach. Age: 4 months
Fluffle: annoying little ginger girl. She doesn’t listen to anything, and she’s very curious. She loves avocado and her fart is just a biochemical weapon. She’s the sister of Onesie and Sylvester. Full name: Cynthia Tiger Lily Fluff. Age: 4 months.
– Clockwise, on their right is Penelope. Aka Ninja. Black feline with a lovely white bow tie. She appears and disappears silently, usually grumpy and agressive, but she’s got very lovely and sweet moments. Literally moments. Loves cottage cheese, and shows great affection towards me since I feed them. She’s mother to Millie and daughter of Hattie. Age: 4 years.
Tinkerbelle, my sweet and lovely kitty. She’s the original. She’s 10. Others are bullying her and she’s very scared of them. Since I moved in we bonded and her confidence is getting better as well She joins the others for breakfast and dinner regularly by now. She can happily share my room with Columbus who is her brother. She loves cheese, chilli soup and food in general. When I screwed up a dinner she caught a mouse and gave it to me so I wouldn’t be hungry. She’s drooling when she’s happy. She’s the mummy of Hattie.
Hattie is the beige cat in the corner. She’s top dog. Very smart and polite and well behaved. She can open the cat proof doors (occasionally) and she’s always the first to come to the rescue of any cats in trouble. She snores terribly so you always know when she’s around. Loves being on top of the suitcase. If she’s upset or angry then she pees on your stuff to demonstrate her annoyance. She’s the only who can rule over Penelope. After all she’s the mummy of her.  She’s also daughter of Tinkerbelle and they can’t really stand each other. She likes hanging and climbing on the bottom of the bed as well. She investigates my wardrobe every time she’s in my room opening the door, walking around and then trotting out… She’s 6.
Sylvester: next in the monochrome line. He’s the resident baby of the house. A cuddly boy who is very helpful. He catches food for the kittens, for us, for mummy, for neighbours and foe the whole world. His meow is the most desperate you can hear. He’s stinking, he didn’t quite master the cleaning skills yet. He’s a chubby and sweet boy. My blooming food business is named after him: Sylvester’s kitchen. He was a very cute and annoying kitten. He’s grown to be a cute boy. He’s a very caring and protective big brother of Onesie and Fluffle, son of Millie. His idol is Columbus and he copies and follows him often. He needs human touch all the time. His got a variety of nicknames like Vest, Vesterpoppins, Poppins, Popper, Chopper, Vesteros, etc. Always hungry. Very cuddly and playful. He’s 16 months old and far the most entertaining cat I have ever come across. He’s in love with Sonja.
Columbus, 10 years old tomcat. Brother of Tinkerbelle. My boyfriend cat. Very chilled out. A bit lazy. He is willing to share any food with the others but cheese. He rarely growls or hisses. He waits for me nearly every evening, walks towards me on the driveway telling me loudly how his day was. Smart. He knows where we keep the food and shows me regularly in case I forgot. He’s opinionated and shares his thoughts often but unfortunately we don’t speak cat… He’s also 10.
– and finally Millie: the teenage mum. She’s 2. Mummy to Sylvester, Onesie and Fluffly. Daughter of Penelope. Anorexic. She likes salads and vegetables. She’s a good mummy to the kittens. We’re not too close. She’s a good hunter, she caught the mouse Tink dropped in my room. That definitely earned very good points.


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