Very – very sad news today:

Scores dead in co-ordinated Paris assaults Paris was struck by co-ordinated attacks on Friday night, killing scores of people in one of the deadliest terrorist atrocities in a western capital city since September 11, 2001.

President François Hollande declared that “several dozen” had died as he appeared on television to declare a state of emergency, deploying the military around Paris and closing France’s borders. He did not name the suspects, but said: “We know who they are, we know where they come from.”

At least six attacks began in busy and popular areas of the capital around 10pm local time. Shootings targeted a concert hall near Place de la République and two other nearby restaurants in the 10th and 11th arrondissement, while two explosions rocked the Stade de France in northern Paris.
(Source: Financial Times)


Illustration : Jean Juliet

I can’t even find words to describe how deeply I am saddened and shocked by the latest wave of attacks on civilians. I just don’t understand. Dear People, can’t we just leave in peace? You know, peace when we don’t kill each other and we discuss the issues as civilised beings instead of murdering each other?!
It’s everybody’s problem. Not just Parisians or French or Muslims or Jews or European. It’s everybody’s. Mine. Yours. Make it personal because it is personal if civilians are attacked. #PeaceforParis #prayforParis


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