This is one of my favourite quickly made food. I read the original recipe in Tara Stiles book and then, as usual, I converted it to my taste. Last night I cooked 3 portions, so I had 3 portions of Basmati and Wild rice mix (I use Waitrose own brand and I must say this is the best rice I have ever come across!), roughly 150 grams fresh kale leaves. I put the rice and kale in boiling water, cooked them for 25 minutes. I added a little bit if butter in the end to make it creamy and roughly 40-50 grams of grated mild cheddar. Stirred and and it was ready to eat.


I also had some tofu that I had to use. I fried it in a little soy sauce (as it’s already ready made and marinated. I can’t cook tofu properly. I’ll keep trying though! Any advice warmly welcome!) and added to two portions of rice because Jenna doesn’t like tofu. Food packed in takeaway tubs.
Be aware, kale slightly stinks like cabbage but it’s got a lovely taste.
The whole good with tofu is just above 400 kcal. Without tofu it’s just above 300 kcal. Lovely and healthy diet food. Enjoy!


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