I AM AWESOME!!!!! Awesome as the morning sky


Last night I tried running again and I was great! I haven’t run for more than two weeks and I barely did any activities yet last night I did 3 times 5 minutes!!! 6 weeks ago I couldn’t do 60 seconds and now I made 5 whole minutes. Not once! 3 TIMES!!!!
My original plan to run 30 mins by Christmas might be in danger but it’s definitely not an unachievable target anymore. It seemed highly unlikely 6 weeks ago but now it’s fine. I feel chuffing proud. C25K Week 5 plan manageable. Yay! My injury is still somewhat lingering but it’s not achy…
I might have issues with yoga for a few days though because I fell over yesterday at our lunchtime walk collecting a bleeding knee, a bleeding palm and a cut on my left foot in a really inconvenient place. So crossing legs, pigeon pose and being on all four, well, being on knees is fairly painful… ooops. Never mind. I’M STILL FREAKING AWESOME!


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