And then deeply regretting it during the night. I will never ever again eat doughnuts. Never. Today…


I ate 4. Fluffle nicked one. One left for Jenna and the rest goes to colleagues.
I started craving for doughnuts 2 days ago. And finally I figured out why.
I entered a totally crazy obstacle challenge, 5k and it takes place in March. I have to run in mud, crawl under barbed wire, run in water, climb, all sorts of funny, dirty things.  It seems like a lot of fun and definitely a challenge which fits in perfectly with my 10k training for July. (More details here: http://www.rocksolid.life/race-obstacles)
At first I was happy and excited, then anxiety kicked in and that’s when I started craving. After two days I gave in and I bought doughnuts and I was binge-eating. And then I felt sick last night and it gave me the right shake so this morning I’m fine. No anxiety, I know I have to take training and diet seriously and it will be great to accomplish this challenge and not scary at all and I can do it.
I know it’s not the best way to handle anxiety but at least I’m handling it and now I know my behaviour pattern so next time I do something totally crazy I’ll be prepared and I might be able to do something about it.

So, today’s healthy food is cauliflower cream soup. It doesn’t look too good but I promise it taste very yummy. I have to perfect the way I do it.


Blend the precooked cauliflowers, add some single cream (I used alpro soya single cream), roast some mashed garlic on olive oil and add it to the cauliflower. Add some turmeric, salt and pepper and any other spices and herbs you like. I also added Waitrose soup mix which is pearl barley, lentil, split peas and rice to give some weight to the soup. You can use just pearl barley as well. Lovely soup, just over 200 calories. Enjoy!


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