As my little entrepreneurship started blooming I had to make 5 portions of lentil dahl with basmati and wild rice. 3 sold, 2 for me. I love lentil and lentil dahl is very easy to cook!
I found this recipe and that’s what I used although I made a few changes: I added a bay leaf, I didn’t use curry leaves and I added a handful of chickpeas as well.


Worry not, the whole process were closely monitored by 2/3 or our cats elders council…

Last night I tried to do a core yoga session which was not too successful and was eventually interrupted by kitten Fluffle. While I was doing a bridge she climbed inside my top and started attacking my back. Then 5 minutes and lot of laughter later I was doing another bridge when Onesie kitten did the same and he was closely holding onto my bra when I tried to remove him. But I kept going on and when I was doing a downward dog Sylvester just walked under my arch and copied what I was doing. I started laughing so hard that I couldn’t continue. And these were only the main highlights of kittens interrupting yoga…
Also, as I tried to do core yoga I had to realise that even beginner’s level is too high for me. So I have to figure out a way how to get to that level.


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