And build some core!
Well, that’s the challenge. I can’t run at the moment because I have an achy muscle or ligament that causes trouble.  I managed to run 2 minutes last night without pain and another minute with pain and then I nearly collapsed. So running is on hold at the moment.
Following a conversation yesterday I realised it doesn’t mean I can’t do any workouts. Although certain yoga moves are also a no go I can still do yoga for core strengthening.
So the plan I’ll do this week:

Yoga warm up:

Flexibility and Range of Movements:

Core strength – beginners:

Slim waist yoga routine:

5 minutes flexibility yoga as warm down:

Around 35-40 minutes yoga. I have no core strength at all (and I have a fat tummy) so this shall be interesting and hopefully I can resume running next week.
By the way when running yesterday the 3 minutes went alright so I think I would have been able to finish the 5 minutes. Yay!!!


Photo credit : Tara Stiles


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