Well, at least according to Columbus: to keep him safe, well fed and give him cuddles whenever he wants them.


As for my opinion, well, I haven’t quite figured it out.
Anyway, I had a lazy day yesterday. And a cheat day. I decided I’m having a cheat day once a week if I feel like that. It doesn’t mean I’m binge-eating super un-healthy food and tons of cakes and chocolates and doughnuts. It just means that’s a day when I can eat more, a pizza or some cakes or popcorn or chocolate. OK, scrap the un-healthy bit. So, I’m not binge eating. But for one day I’m not counting the calories.
So, cheat day was yesterday I had a bag of popcorn.
But today is normal day again. And I will do a PiYo session later. PiYo is a combination of pilates and yoga developed by Chalene Johnson. It’s one of the beachbody programmes and it’s very effective.
Have a lovely Sunday!


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