Also known as my chunky vegetable soup. Around 300 kcal, totally filling and perfect for winter days.


Today’s version is without kale. I only put potatoes, carrots and celery in. Fry some onions on olive oils and add light roux with paprika powder, add lot of water and whatever vegetables you want to put in. Green beans or kale or other beans or suede. No rules for this. Easy to cook, healthy and low calorie.

Ad for breakfast I have the usual, fresh vegetables sandwich but I have a different bread with bigger slices. I don’t think one slice would be enough for breakfast so I have the usual two slices but I cut them in half. I try to eat one when I get in and another a bit later in the hope of not having a breakfast bar snack then.

And I can happily confirm I definitely got smaller. A tiny little bit but smaller! Yay!!! Toning or weight loss. I don’t know but I’m smaller!!! 🙂


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