There are spies around me! I’m on diet and suddenly people started bringing in lovely, yummy, lotsofcalories food.
pumpkin spice fudge millionaire’s shortbread (caramel has been replaced by fudge made of pumpkin and spices) – I had two slices
Jaffa cake attack and super yummy smelling cinnamon – custard buns made by my colleague (Dom – this is your copyright credit 🙂 ) and Vicki offered me some very nice biscuits as well…


I had one jaffa cake (instead of two) and I totally resisted the cinnamon buns (a decision I’ll regret forever) and the biscuits.
What’s my secret?
Nah, it’s not my willpower. All I have to do is to take a look at my very mean looking personal trainer to be reminded OY, NO BINGING!


Thank you Sylvester!


One thought on “Sabotage and resistance

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