I finally have plans. After years of not having realistic plans finally I have them. Realistic, objective and I making steps towards it. I’m not rushing into anything.
I’d like to join a hiking club. Not now. Around spring when I’ll have the fitness and stamina. I looked into clubs and I know what I’m up for and what equipments I need.
Once I’m fit enough and I’m able to run I’d like to try trail running. It just seems so fascinating. So I have plans after I completed my 10k. Or before I complete it.
My diet will last for around 60 weeks. A bit scary but I feel alright about it. I try not to rush it or getting obsessed about it.
And I think I’ll be ready for dating in a few months. I’m getting better, I’m feeling better, I’m looking better and I’m getting fitter and healthier.



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