After a long and hard night I was finally sleeping in my pillow when the authorities woke me up. They were playing with a pouch. Inviting me to have breakfast. No cat would say no to a meal invite so I uncurled, made my way down from the top of the wardrobe to the ground. And there was it! A BIG FAT NOTHING!!!


My bowl empty, authorities laughing at me, food hidden. I checked everywhere. Then I heard the pouch again. Authorities were playing with it. So I looked up in hope for mercy. And authorities were waving the pouch towards me. IT WAS NOT FOOD! I smelt it, tasted it. Yuk!


It’s that strong smelling thing the authorities put on themselves for whatever pervert reason. It taste gross, it doesn’t make fur shiny, it smells terrible. Authorities are weird. So I sadly climb back to the top of wardrobe to get back on my pillow. I will dream with food in hope of silencing my starving, grumbling tummy. I don’t think my fur will ever be shiny and soft again because authorities no longer care for my wellbeing.

Notes from authorities :
– Tink was fed last night and she’s pretty good at hunting as well
–  I told her it wasn’t food and I showed her the pouch in order to prove it’s not food. I didn’t want her to take a deep breath of it or taste it!
– I gave cuddles (and probably a bit of perfume onto the fur as well…)


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