Which is actually a total show off be a use I couldn’t run through all of them plus skipped one (due to traffic…)
I have a long way to go to 5k not to mention 10k but I’ll get there. Note to myself : bottle of water is dead weight…
After a terrible weekend I’m still shattered but luckily I realised all my old friends stand by me, they honestly care for me. So does Tink. And the overwhelming support I got from colleagues was amazing. They were all shocked what happened on Friday and people’s reaction. As for new acquaintances, well, that’s another dream shattered. But I’m sure one day I find my home. Until then I just go with the flow…
By now I actually feeling chuffing proud of myself that I have people who care for me, who I can trust, I’m chatting, they’re willing to talk to me and I don’t doubt any of their honesty. 6-8 months ago it would have triggered a major relapse but now I’m good. I’m actually smiling. And joking. I don’t say I’m not hurt because I am but it didn’t trigger me a long way down on a spiral. And I really feel proud of this progress. I don’t know when was the last time I felt proud of myself or of anything I did.
I know I haven’t made a great progress on running but I started it. I have a vision, I have plans, I have a deadline. So I actually really feel chuffing proud of myself.


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