I made another huge step towards being a sensible and normal person. First time ever in my life I understand taking step by step.

I’d like to go out running three times a week, have 2-3 cross-trainer and rowing sessions a week and have 5-10 minutes yoga in the mornings and in the evenings.

Previously I suddenly tried to turn into a devoted fitness bunny from a lazy and unfit couch potato. Failure was pretty much guaranteed.

But this morning, as I came up with this plan, or rather with this goal I knew I won’t suddenly transform. It will take time and I’ll do it step by step. At first I do the cross trainers 3 times a week and maybe some rowing. Then in a week or two I start introducing proper running until running will eventually take the place of cross trainer. Then I start introducing yoga on evenings after run and mornings after run. Only adding a little bit every time. Maybe by the end of this year I’ll reach my plan but I haven’t set a deadline. It a first as well. So I just keep doing as I can.

I also start looking into healthier food. Today has gone terribly wrong. I was binging on doughnuts. Totally not my fault! They attacked me! My manager brought in some doughnuts to celebrate her birthday. And another manager brought in loads of doughnuts because he won them on a competition. They’re all stationed pretty much around my desk…

But I’ll do another running session tonight on the crosstrainer. Or I do my session. I couldn’t finish yesterday. Sonja came around halfway through my workout so we were chatting, playing with the kittens (including Sylvester who still thinks he’s a tiny one) and they viciously attacked my trainers. But I do one tonight.


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