One of my coping techniques with life and anxiety is being methodical and building a basic knowledge on things I’m doing so it gives me a bigger comfort zone purely because of the better understanding of situations. It’s the same with running. I didn’t feel comfortable with running, I was anxious and I was upset it didn’t go well, on the other hand I was kind of OK with it.
But I need to build a knowledge on running so I bought a magazine (or two and I might have subscribed to one as well…) to know more about techniques and warm ups and results and nutrition and everything about running.


I only read the first 45 pages but I already feel better and more confident. It also made me understand my bitesize. I think like a pro runner and obviously a pro runner’s bite size is 90 secs. So when I couldn’t do it and then not even the 60 seconds I was shattered. Reading the magazine I realised that’s a lion’s bitesize and I’m only a kitten. So I have to take smaller bites and wait until I grow up to be a lion. And kittens are cool with 30 seconds. Or 40 seconds. Or anything they can do.
So I keep reading and when I’m done I’ll have confident knowledge to widen my comfort zone and now I know what my bitesizes are. That’s what I call a productive day!!!

Also, two notes on anxiety issues:
– if I make a mistake I don’t necessarily feel I am a failure. I’m not quite sure what it is I feel but not an utter failure.
– it’s strange if I want to get somewhere which is outside my comfort zone I widen it to reach my goal instead of leaving it…


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