I screwed it up. Big time. It was supposed to be dumplings with scrambled eggs but my dumplings turned out to be gooey:


Yep, it’s yuk. Taste wasn’t so bad but I think it tells a lot that not even the cats ate it. Jenna tried it and I had a fair portion but the cata didn’t want it after a little taster…
Anyway, it was a proper failure and I’m not crashed. I’m not happy; I’m upset but it’s not like the end of the world. I tried, I failed and I moved on. I wouldn’t have been able to do it like 6 months ago. But now I can. I moved on. My dinner was a failure not me.

Update on dinner: Tinkerbelle thought it was very bad and I must have been starving so at 11pm she turned up with a mouse. A live mouse. In my room!!! So I screamed and jumped on the bed. She caught it, ate it and looked very confused. I was upset and she only wanted to do good for me… caaaats!!!


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