I’m angry! That’s something I finally realised, acknowledged and admitted!!! I feel ashamed. There are some stupid stuff that eventually make me feel ashamed (some really stupid and shallow things) and then shame makes me angry but because I know it’s stupid I also feel ashamed of being angry. I think this is the next layer I have to break through. This has been causing a massive frustration for a long time so I think this is a very big step.

How cool is this??!!


Photo source: Zig Zigler’s facebook page

And I found an interesting thing in Brene Brown’s book. It’s utterly illogical but that’s how things work in your brain sometimes:
Often, blame is subtle and insidious— we don’t even know that we’re doing it or why we’re doing it. For example, if we’re driving down the street and get a flat tire, we wind up berating ourselves because we’re fat and ugly. We convince ourselves that flat tires don’t happen to thin, beautiful women— just bad people like us.


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