When we set improvement goals and set measurable objectives to meet those goals, we can learn and grow from both missed and met objectives. If our goal is perfection, we will inevitably fail and that failure offers us nothing in terms of learning and change; it only makes us vulnerable to shame. Going Back The ability to learn from our mistakes rather than seeing them as failed attempts at perfection is the essence of “going back.” Going back emerged as an extremely important concept in this research. Women with high levels of shame resilience in the areas of appearance, motherhood, parenting, work and family spoke passionately about the value of believing that it’s never too late to grow and change. They resisted being defined by mistakes and viewed “imperfection” as a necessary part of growth rather than a barrier.

The above is from Brene Brown’s I thought it was just me and the below is my excercise plan for the last two weeks. I feel bad about it. But I might have just set up the targets too high? Or it’s a lack of motivation? Or is it something else?
On the other hand, I know at least I did something. I started. I did the walk every day and it’s mire than what I did for a while. So I’m not changing my plans. I know at one point I can tick all the boxes. Up until then I just keep walking.



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