Awesome chef returns!
I’m either suffering from a cold or I poisoned myself by eating too much cheese (yeah, animal protein allergy/intolerance/sensitivity/whatever) so I decided to take out cheese for a few days. So I’m pretty much a vegan. Wait, I’m not! I still have butter in my spread…
Anyway, because superfood is such a trendy expression these days and pretty much includes all food that has exceptional health benefits, like kale, spinach, berries, nuts, seeds, broccoli and who knows what else (which is actually a well known fact for centuries that they are very good compared to the good, the bad, the evil and other types of food) I decided to call my creation the Super Turmeric Rice. Yeah, turmeric is super too.


I cooked the rice (basmati and wild mix is my choice from Waitrose), kale, broccoli and cauliflower together. I added some soya single cream. And a pinch of salt, a few pinches of turmeric and some Moroccan seasoning and superfood is done.
The superfood ingredients : turmeric, kale and broccoli. Wild rice is also very good. So is cauliflower.
Nonetheless it looks summery, light and it tastes yummy. Enjoy!


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