This post is one of my most controversial. At least for me. I wanted to post it for a long time. A photo of me without make up and with make up. Originally I intended to advertise why it’s important to look nice/tidy/well-dressed/clean/groomed/etc. Which I still think it’s very important. Whether we like it or not that’s how we are judged by other people. The first impression. If you look at the two pictures, would you go to the make-up free, untidy madwoman to talk to her in general or help her or ask a favour or ask her out on a date OR would you prefer to chat to the tidy woman? No, don’t think! What does your gut say?


I bet it’s the tidy one.
However, it rings an alarm saying it’s FAKE!!! Is it? I am covering who I am. I am covering my imperfection. I’m lying to people and I pretend to be someone I’m not. Sleeping with someone (the actual sleeping which ends up waking up together and showing make up free me) always freaks me out. That’s the scariest moment of all times when I meet someone new. To show my rosacea and allergy suffering skin to anyone.
Do I worth less because my skin is not nice? Probably not. But without faking a manageable skin I wouldn’t even get the chance to show who I am.
Is it the beauty obsessed society that puts this pressure on me? Or is it me? Or is it just a basic need for tidiness and hygiene to feel human?
I’m not sure…
Brene Brown writes ‘In addition to fostering perfectionism and loneliness (which are often connected), there is the issue of comparing our lives with the lives of celebrities. We watch hours of shows that do nothing more than detail their comings and goings. And consciously or unconsciously, we compare our lives to theirs.’


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