We have a team building event this afternoon at work. I volunteered to do the vegetarian sandwiches for the 4 of us. Challenges I had to face regarding the ingredients:
– no egg
– no mayo
– no tomato
– no quorn
– no pepper
– no cucumber

But I’m an AWESOME GOURMET CHEF!!!!! So the selection in cute mini bagels:
1. Feta and grapes with beetroot salad


Just mesh the feta and a handful of grapes until it’s nice and creamy. Slice some grapes as well. Then put the filling in the bagel, place a few slices of grapes in and add the salad.

2. Walnut cream cheese with halloumi cheese


Cut the halloumi into thin slices and grill them. Grind the walnuts and mix it with mascarpone cream cheese and a pinch of salt the day before you make the sandwiches. Spread the filling on the bagel, add the halloumi and some rockets and ready to eat.

3. Avocado and red pepper houmous with a bit of feta


Make some avocado cream (I used mascarpone, lemon and salt. And obviously avocado). I bought red pepper houmous instead of making it. Put avocado cream to the bottom and red pepper houmous to the top. I added some feta cream to the middle. Use some rockets and your creamy delight sandwich is ready to be enjoyed. Or shared.

They may not be the healthiest and lowest calorie options but one thing is sure : they’re proper yummy! I hope the others will like them too…


2 thoughts on “The Sandwich Factory

  1. Great challenge and you nailed it ! They all look delicious, I think they will inspire me for next time i get to make “diet” bagels 🙂 Thank you !! And I think it’s nice of you to have volunteered for that activity.

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