I knew I was tired. Grumpy and snappy. For weeks. So I finally took Friday off. I didn’t realise how exhausted I had been until I pretty much slept through Friday AND Saturday. Yesterday I cleaned the house, was chatting with a friend and cooked and just felt so relaxed. And I’m finally not so exhausted on Monday morning. You see, that’s me not being tired 🙂


Plus I met Jay, a lovely dog in the neighborhood taking his morning walk and the moment he spotted (fair distance) me he started scraping towards me with all his power. There’s definitely love there. 🙂

I also made a huge discovery. OK,  not a new thing but I finally understood a vicious circle of sleeping and anxiety: the more tired I am the more anxious I am. The more anxious I am the less I sleep. The less I sleep the more anxious I am.
I think being tired and worried and then having a rest made me understand it. Not just something that sounds logical but actually something I really feel and understand now.


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