Brene Brown’s TED talk about shame made me realise I have serious issues. That was 2 years ago. That’s when me not feeling well became a fact, a thought, and I started doing something against it. I opened a can of worms.
I keep digging down trying to fix my issues. Not to be perfect but to be a normal person with smaller issues instead of fundamental problems.
As I’m going through (painfully slowly and digesting it) her book, I thought it was just me I finally got to the point I am able to put in words what I’d like to be:


I’m still afraid of being vulnerable and weak and emotional but I’m making my mind up with it. Weakness and vulnerability was one of my many shameful parts I’d tried to get rid of. Now I know they’re a part of being human. Now I feel they’re a part of being human.
Now I have a direction where I’m going to instead of just trying to get somewhere, anywhere away from my misery.
How to do that? I honestly don’t know. But I’ll change the way I feel or think to become the person I’d like to be.


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