I learnt something new today: strawberries are not actually berries. I didn’t know it. OK, I’ve known it for a couple of days by now but I didn’t really understand why. Now I know.

Berry is a fleshy fruit produced from a single flower containing one ovary (thank you Wikipedia). Typical berries are aubergines/eggplants (yep!), blueberries, currants and grapes. Banana and coffee are also technically berries.

Surprised? Me too. I have found fruits that are commonly thought to be vegetables or it’s not clear where they belong: tomatoes (I knew this one), olives, cucumbers, avocado, beans and peppers.

Raspberries and blackberries however are not berries. Don’t worry, they’re still fruits just not berries. They’re so called aggregate fruits because they’re produced of more ovaries of one flower. All in botanical meaning of course.
As for strawberries they’re accessory fruits because the edible part is not derived from the ovary.
Lesson learnt! Not every berry is what it seems like!


Photo credit: iflscience.com


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