I’ve been struggling with my weight for a long time. In the last few months it’s pretty much because of my motivation. Well, the lack of motivation. So the situation is the following:
I don’t like the way how I look like.
I don’t think I’m healthy.
I’d like to be healthy.
I’d like to be more active.
I’d like to be slim.
I’d like to be pretty.
I know calorie counting diet works for me.
I know how it works.
It’s not extremely difficult.
My improvement in running makes me feel good.
I feel better when I’m slimmer and sportier.
I have nice dresses waiting for me to shed a size or two.

YET I DON’T DO IT!!!! WHY??!! I don’t understand. That’s my homework for therapy and I don’t know the answer. I want something, I know how to reach it and I don’t do it. I’m struggling to understand why. I’m struggling to understand me…



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