She’s a cat. He’s a dog.
‘She scratches me.’
‘He stinks.’
‘I hate her.’
‘I hate him.’
‘She never shares her food.’
‘He always eats my food.’
‘She is a cat. It says all.’
‘He’s a dog. It says all.’
‘She looks vicious.’
‘Mummy loves him more.’

But we live in the same house. We share the rug if we have to. We can behave as adult, intelligent and mature beings. We know not to fight unless it’s absolute necessary. We can live at peace. We can share the same home. We don’t love each other but we can live together. We wonder when humans will realise that’s a way to live. We don’t have to love and adore each other. We just have to leave space for each other; they just have to understand it belongs to all of us to share to live.


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