I know, I’ve been at this stage a hundred times. Like many dieters I tried, I failed, I tried and failed again. But I try again.
I think I’m fat because of my depression and not depressed because of being fat. I launched few successful diets but I neglected myself all the time. I think if I kept going on and succeeded I should have faced the fact I’m not a failure which would have shattered the bubble (me being an unworthy failure) I lived in and I couldn’t have let it happen.
I try to take control of my life again and this might mean I might succeed.
I took the first steps today. Literally :



I’m not fit for running so I decided I start walking more and more. I keep track of calories (1300 a day) and I try to walk an hour every day.
Plus I try to drink healthy smoothies like this:


I know it looks a bit odd but it’s actually good. One apple, a slice of pineapple, a handful of celery and a handful of kale leaves and some water.. If you have lemon or lime it will fit well in it. It makes roughly 5-6 glasses of smoothie.
What I noticed is because of kale leaves it unfortunately separates but stirring with a teaspoon always helps.
Or you can just make cool pictures likes this:



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