5th anniversary : I’m not coming without my other half
10th anniversary : I’m bringing my kids too
15th anniversary : I’d come alone


I wonder what will happen on the 20th?

Our 15th is at the end of May and a little bit of kidding with the old class enlightened my morning which was a bad one. The first bad for a while full of negative thoughts and self-doubt.
But it’s gone. Now I’m feeling somewhat OK. In desperate need of a coffee…


Update: I think I’ve figured out why I don’t feel smart enough for a while and it makes me feel ashamed of myself. I’m lacking the information and background people around me have: celebrities, TV shows, events, habits, tradition, school system. All the seemingly little and unnecessary things. I don’t know about these because I wasn’t brought up here. I’ve been raised in a different culture. So the fact I don’t know about these things doesn’t mean I’m stupid and unintelligent or I should be ashamed of it. I simply have a different background…


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