The new human is kind of alright. She’s got nice food and she’s so lame and clumsy I can always nick something. Like butter, bread, avocado or chocolate cake. Although she didn’t give me doughnut yesterday. I feel deeply offended.
But she opened the window for me this morning. She did the same yesterday and then let me into the house so I could free the others from the prison. We’re kept captive, locked outside of the nice and warm house. I complained to the authorities but no result so far. We may organise a mass protest in the neighbourhood against animal cruelty.
She let’s me jump on the bed and I need some cuddling and pampering. Annoyingly she tries to pluck her eyebrows. I don’t understand humans’ obsession with plucking. Why would they intentionally tear their fur out. They’re already way too naked. She keeps moving and she gets out of bed. So frustrating. I follow her. Does she really think she can get rid of me so easily? There we go, now we walk to the chamber. There’s no escape for her from there. I don’t know why she keeps that door closed all the time. It’s a cold and hard room. This is weird. She goes to that strange glass cabin. WATER! AND SHE’S CLOSING THE GLASS CABIN DOOR BEHIND HER! GREAT LORD CREATOR OF ALL CATS!!! IT’S HORRIBLE! SHE MAY NOT SURVIVE AND I HAVE TO WATCH IT LIVE. I need to escape. Now she’s telling me to stay. How could I say no to a dying human ‘ s last wish?! I have to be strong. This is terrible. I wish somebody were here with me now. At least I can escape via the window here. After it happened. She’s waving at me and she swipes the door so I can see her head. The water is falling straight on her head. I recon she’ll just melt. Her hair is already foamy. It’s a torture but the glass is fogging up again. I still see her moving but I can no longer see her face.
The water stops.
The door opens. I’m ready to jump and scratch if needed.
She’s standing there. Wet. And smells strange. Like a flower. Fake flower smell. Really strange. But she looks OK.  She’s caressing me. The same touch. Plus strange smell. Phew. She’s alright. I need a rest.
Yay, she opens the door! I’m exhausted. At least she turned the bed so I can jump on the top of the wardrobe. She put her comfortable suitcase there for me. I need a nap. Miaow



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