This lovely green and red thingy is made of avocado and ricotta cheese. Mash the avocado and mix it with ricotta, add some salt and black pepper. That’s the base. I added some sliced plum tomatoes and sliced red romano pepper as well.
If you fancy you can add parsley, olives and basil instead or too.


Then just spread it on the bread, add some rockets and sandwich is done. It goes well with garlic mayo too or cheese and for meat-eaters I’m sure some light ham fits in well too.
Healthy and easy. Use brown/wholegrain/multiseed bread instead of white to keep it healthy.
It’s also great for dipping some pitta bread in it.
Oh, and a quick tip: add some lemon in it too so the avocado won’t turn brown. I forgot to add it… oooops


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