This week wasn’t the best food week. I failed twice. I mean the food failed twice.


I finally made up my mind I don’t like buckwheat. I don’t like quinoa either. It doesn’t mean they’re bad they just don’t taste nice for me. So I swapped Thursday food for some sour cream and cheese macaroni. Pretty much I put everything in I found at home. The other failure was today’s lunch. Sweet potato is also not my thing. I made the sweet potato mash and I had the veggie sausage too but I didn’t like the taste of it and my sausage was half-cooked anyway. So it ended up in the bin and I had a sandwich.
I did quite a lot of exercise. Not all of it but I’m OK with what I did. The whole week was bad and I felt like coming down with a cold, I was suffering from my cheese poisoning so I wasn’t in the best mood. I also have to put running on hold for a while because it’s getting cold again and with my breathing technique (which is pretty much trying not to suffocate) it wouldn’t do any good for me. So I still have the running in the plan but I do yoga and walking instead.
As for next week’s food plan:
Monday-Tuesday: petit pois fozelek which you may wonder what on earth it is. So I’d advice check this post. I also add some falafel.
Wednesday is just simple basmati rice with falafel.
Thursday – Friday : red camergue rice salad with sweet corn, olives, nuts, whatever elses
Saturday – Sunday: I’m supposed to do veggie detox soup but as I’ll be moving I might not do it. We’ll see how it goes.
All in all it wasn’t a good week for me. I kept thinking of N and the love I feel and all the misery and loneliness. I had nightmares again. So no, this week wasn’t too good. Hopefully the new place will bring some calm in my mind.

Oh, and as for next week workout:
Mornings: 5 mins flexibility yoga with Tara Stiles, 3 days 15 leg lifting, one day 3 x 15 seconds plank and one day 2 x 15 squats.
Evenings: 3 x 30 mins yoga with Tara Stiles and twice running c25k Week 2 (or as I said walking or yoga…)


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