So, another rushed week but here we go with a little review:
It was awesome!
OK,  it wasn’t I just watched Kung Fu Panda ( the series ) this morning.
But actually Tara Stiles portobello mushroom burger dream is a real magic.


I changes the original recipe a little but and I added feta cheese and chives and basil to the mushroom and some roasted pepper, artichokes and chilli stuffed olives and some cheese…
But it was delicious. Oh, and I didn’t have rolls so I used wholemeal bagel instead.
As for the workout plan:


I basically missed one yoga in the evening. I didn’t go out running but I did 40 mins walking twice which is pretty much as effective as my C25K Week 2 running plan.
Weekend us still a struggle though.
Next week is very similar to this week:
3 times yoga, twice C25K Week 2 running (or alternatively walking )
As for the mornings the challenge is up:
3 mornings 15 leg lifting (last week was only 10)
1 morning 15 squats and 1 morning 3 times 15 seconds plank.
Plus a little flexibility yoga

I did somewhat well with food, I’d say although I ate a lot on Thursday  (the extra mushroom risotto dinner) and I felt like having a pizza for dinner on Friday but I still feel OK about eating this week:


Next week good plan:
Monday – Tuesday : gnocchi with tomato, garlic and basil sauce. I added some leftover mushroom too
Wednesday -Thursday : grilled vegetables with buckwheat
Friday – Saturday : potato casserole (the Hungarian way which I’ll post a recipe closer to the day)
Sunday : mashed sweet potatoes with veggie sausages


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