That’s how I feel myself. Not actually a worthy woman. I feel a worthy and valuable person. My dinner date last night was very good and it meant a great deal for me as a human being. I’ve been treated like a normal, valuable person and it was so amazing.
The only weirdness was I dreamt with N again. And that put me off in the morning a little bit but I was able to balance back to normal feel good state.
Although I’m still too afraid to believe I’m worthy and valuable but at least I feel something good.
On the other hand I think I started making new friends. Early stages but I think I’m on the right track.

And below is the reason I use make up. If you don’t feel alright then just put some minimal make up on (I only had foundation, pressed powder on top of it and mascara) and you already feel better in your skin. At least I do 🙂



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