I overheard a conversation today about men and emotional men. We, women still stick to the rule saying men shouldn’t cry. And as one of my colleagues pointed out it’s a very sexist opinion.
I’m a way he’s right. Feminists demand the right to equality although harshly saying they want to be like men.
They demand the same treatment and toughen up but in return they don’t give equal rights to men like the right to be weak and emotional.
I think I’d rather call myself balancist and not a feminist. I’d like to embrace my feminine side. I’d like to express my emotions. I’d cry if I have to but without being a drama queen. I am capable of the same things as men if I have to be able to. I can be hard and strong and smart, etc. I am not weak or stupid just because I’m a woman. I am a woman. It is in my nature to be soft, kind, caring, vulnerable and I like if a stronger man supports me. Not controls me, not dictates the rules for me. Carries my heavy luggage. Opens the doors and let’s me walk through. Supports and not rules. Men should be tougher, stronger with the right to be vulnerable sometimes. That’s how we complete each other. That’s when we create a balance. I’m weak, he’s strong but I can be strong if he needs my strength.
That’s what balance means to me. That’s what being a woman means to me. Completion. Equal. Not less or more equal. Equal with different qualities.


2 thoughts on “Notes on feminism

  1. Somewhat agree, but we aren’t always strong by nature, I’m definitely not. And I’m pretty sure I’m the colleague you’re referring to here!

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