No, not the bra. The workout push ups. You remember I said I’m lacking a really lame skill: I CAN’T DO PUSH UPS!
Not like I don’t have the strength but I don’t have the technique. OK,  probably I don’t have the strength either as I recon any decent 5-year-old would beat me in arm-wrestling but I can’t bend my elbows the way I want and actually I can’t bend them at all when I try to do push ups. I push my shoulders up and I sink my back up until the point I’m very close to dislocate my shoulders and then I collapse and hit the ground.


My friend told me the technique:
your hands placed on the floor about a shoulder-width apart, do your fingers face your head direction. The second hand position is a really difficult one and works a lot of your side deltoids, which are generally muscles people don’t normally exercise a lot!!…..also if you have your hands too close together it puts extra strain on your triceps and not your bigger chest muscles which is the primary focus of a press-up!
So I figured: I don’t have those side deltoids and none of the others required. 🙂
I got as far as plank and then I’m stuck there. Although I keep trying. Epic fail so far. But one day, one day I will be able to do it… Once I figure out how to bend my elbows…
Oh, and I just read on Wikipedia it also helps with the coracobrachialis.
The coracobrachialis is the smallest of the three muscles that attach to the coracoid process of the scapula.
And before you think I’m so super smart I must admit I copied it from Wikipedia and without reading the rest of the article and looking at the pictures I have no idea what it means.
Photo courtesy is Wikipedia as well…


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