Eeeek! I did my morning workouts! I missed one evening workout,  running session but I was walking a good 50 minutes today and it makes up for it so technically I consider it done! YEAY!!!


I definitely feel better and although my sleeping habits haven’t changed I feel calmer ad well. Maybe because of the constant pain in my muscles. YIKES!
I no longer do the yoga challenge because I don’t like their videos. Somehow I prefer Tara Stiles’ sessions and I stick to them for the moment.
Visualising my progress and the results definitely works.  On Thursday evening I was very tired but I felt guilty not crossing anything on my ‘board’ so I did half an hour yoga.
I still have to work on my weekends because I pretty much did nothing and it just doesn’t feel right.
As for food, I was nearly alright. I fell back to binge eating on Thursday because of stress and I ate a Bounty and a pack of Wotsit. BOOOO! On top of my daily food portions. It didnt feel right though. Breakfast are making their our rules but I’m not too concerned about it. My original aim when planning breakfasts was to make it a more varied selection than avocado & toast and avocado & cheese & toast. I guess you can see my point. So now it’s eggs sometimes or toast and tomato and cheese or muesli. More varied and that’s the important bit.
I also noticed I lost some weight or my body is getting some tone as my dress wasn’t as tight as before. HURRAY!!!
So I keep on going on with the plan and I keep my fingers crossed it wouldn’t rain on running days because I’m not motivated enough to tackle the rain. I think.
I’m posting Week 3 plan soon and some delicious cookies…


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