I had a really stressed day and I just gave in to my stress -eater craving and I had a pack of Wotsit and a Bounty bar. Even worse, I haven’t eaten my healthy kiwi. I’m a sad kitty. I was guilty.
Then I got home and I just felt too tired so I haven’t gone out running either. Although I did a yoga session. I swapped today and tomorrow’s workout.
I also cooked an amazing lunch for tonorrow: lemon and sage buttered sprouts:


I’m not quite sure why it doesn’t mention there’s a lot of pecan nuts in it as well. I tasted it. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s lunch! I’m such an awesome cook. And obviously very modest!
And in some miraculous way I lost weight. Or I’m just toning. But I feel it on my polo and I felt it on my dress today. Not much but like quarter of an inch I guess. It’s no longer very tight. I mean the dress. It’s just right.  Yihaaa!


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