I think I already lost weight!!!! I look gorgeous!

OK, probably I haven’t but I feel good. Because I did my morning workout and I plan to go out running tonight. I just feel that buzz. I was standing in front of the mirror and I was just looking at it and I thought I was pretty. OK, not too pretty and not the best but I didn’t look too bad and I’m a great material to work on. And I was smiling. My hair was messy, I put on some lipstick (first time in the last 2-3 months while usually previously I always had lipstick on) but I was smiling and my eyes were smiling and I felt pretty. It was so good. Then I nearly missed my bus because I was staring at myself for too long… Oooops. It would have been an epic fail.

I also decided to tick the food and exercises I’ve completed so I can keep track of my progress. It’s actually really visual and motivating to keep ticking of things. Currently I’m 2×30 mins yoga sessions and 3 morning workouts behind schedule. I don’t think I can catch up with mornings but I do my yoga challenge on the weekend as well (it’s still not too late to start for you either) which was not originally planned so from next week I’ll be on track hopefully. Breakfast is not OK, I have to work on it more to come up with better plans. At least I had a fried egg this morning with avocado and some cheese (I have to finish off my cheese…)

2015-01-02 08 51 41

Tara Stiles is so flexible and I want to be like that but currently I’m so far from any flexibility. I never had issues with it but in the last few months I haven’t done anything and it seems I lost the natural flexibility I’ve always had so I’m sort of struggling, on the other hand I have bits she doesn’t have, like big fat tummy! It doesn’t make bending to your knees any easier as it takes the place where you’re supposed to be but hopefully it will vanish slowly.

In the last few days I read a few articles about Katie Hopkins. She’s a UK TV personality and columnist and she’s very opinionated, usually quite offensive and I rarely agree with what she says. Now the debate is about overweight people and how society treats them and how unhealthy they are. I’m afraid I have to agree with Katie Hopkins. Her words are very harsh and it’s a really view but basically she’s right: it’s your fault if you’re fat. We come up with excuses why we are on a food binge and why we don’t exercise and why we eat huge portions of food and takeaway and unhealthy food then we complain we don’t feel sexy and we have health issues and we don’t find nice dresses and we’re bullied and we’re depressed and we’re lonely. For crying out loud! Put your hand on your heart every time you complain to check if you’re really eating healthy and going out exercising and you do everything and you’re still fat. Overweight, sorry, that’s the PC word. (If you are then you should really talk to your GP because something is not right!) I’m not talking about the case of having some medical condition but I’m talking about those like me. Overweight. Fat. Yes, I also hate this word but it doesn’t mean it’s not correct. I eat a lot and I am responsible for it.

Going on a diet and changing the way you live is not easy. Really not easy. But please just stop pretending to be a helpless victim or martyr. There are many issues with the current society and I agree overweight people should not be bullied but rather helped. We have to realise and admit obesity is a big problem. The whole issue starts with our current habits and the lack of knowledge. I think nutrition and healthy lifestyle should be taught at school from early ages. We should be taught what the difference between wholegrain flour and white flour and what is good for us and why it’s good for us. Why it’s not good to eat processed meat (bacon, hello meat-eaters!) and why we should use less fat and what is healthy fat and unhealthy fat and why not to eat so much sugar (yeah, doughnuts, and almond croissants!) and how to cut sugar and what workouts to do, and why we should do these, etc, etc. Food industry must change too because currently you can buy shed loads of unhealthy food while only a few healthy for the same amount. Of course it makes buy the cheaper and less healthier options! We buy bulk and we eat bulk. And the problem is ‘we eat bulk’. There are so many things I had no clue about while growing up and trust me I ate everything and I fall back to bad habits so many times (sweets and chocolates are just so yummy!!!). And there are still so many things I have no clue about. But I want to change. Not because I don’t want to be bullied. But because I want to be healthy. And yes, I want to look good. I want to look sexy. I don’t want to be a stick woman. OK, I want to be a stickwoman! but that’s not my body-type. I’ll always have humps and lumps and I’m happy with them as long as I lose some dress sizes. I don’t say everybody should be size 6 but as I said before UK size 10-16 is something I find healthy. UK8 and UK18 are still OK, based on body-shape and the built of your body and lifestyle, etc.

It’s also important to say being slim or a bit curvy doesn’t automatically mean you are healthy. You are healthy if you do regular activities (how does 30 minutes walk sound? In the evening, after work? Not something you can’t achieve, right? 5 times a week. You go out after dinner (then you have your exercise and you spent time in the fresh air, helped your digestion, you don’t need special equipment or membership) and you eat healthy (don’t go crazy and start juicing from now on forever but take little steps. Like if you eat takeaway every day swap for 3 times cooking-4 times takeaway for a month and increase it until you don’t regularly eat takeaway and fast food as you go on. Swap your white bread to brown or wholemeal bread. If you’re really adventurous you can start baking them at home.) Stop drinking regularly, forget your 1 cider/beer/wine/else a day (rather save money because once you shred the pounds you have to buy new clothes! Shopping time!!! not a dreaded thing anymore!) Stop smoking if you’re a smoker! (It’s an amazing amount of money that you can save for your new wardrobe. You will start smelling scents again. You will no longer stink. No matter what they say cigarette stinks and even when you don’t smell it others do. Sorry, fact! Unfortunately I can’t help with any advice. You know I did quit 8 times and then I gave up and I said from now on smoke and I no longer quit smoking. I rarely smoke ever since… rarely as in a pack of cigarette in 3 months with the help of dedicated friends). Stop drinking too much fizzy drink, juices, coffee because they’re not good for you either (1 cup a day!). Drink plenty of water. Eat at least 2 portions of fresh fruit or vegetable a day. If you do these, just for a month, not long, 31 days, then you made huge steps towards your healthy self. It’s not rocket science and it’s not too difficult. There are sacrifices and some willpower and the mind for change but if you do it for a month then you can sit down and think whether you want to go on this way and be healthy and start glowing or you want to go back to your unhealthy ways. It’s your choice. Your decision! I’m not forcing you! I’m just telling you the facts. But if you choose not to try it or you want to return to your unhealthy ways, don’t you dare playing a martyr and saying you’re being bullied or society closes you out or you can’t find dresses because shops don’t sell nice ones in your size. No, then stay silent because it’s you who made this choice so you are responsible for the consequences.

If you do choose to change and you want to take it slowly like the above ideas I had you’ll experience some changes: your skin looks better, hair is in better condition, nails are growing, dresses are no longer so tight and you reduced your cancer risk. I know, I heard it in the radio too that recent researches show that most types of cancer is down to bad luck and randomly mutating cells but unhealthy lifestyle is still a huge risk factor and living healthy gives less chance to cancer and more to you to survive. And you’ll start smiling. You may be so out of shape that 30 minutes walking will leave you out of breath but by the end of your healthy month you can do it without being soaked in sweat and gasping for air. Little steps, I know and it’s not going to change completely the way you look but it’s just the beginning of the road. I can guarantee you won’t look like Miranda Kerr by the end of the month and I’m sorry to break the news even if you do this diet for a year you still won’t look like her. But come on! Be realistic! She’s doing her healthy and active dieting lifestyle for like 15 years and she’s doing it harder than you. Give yourself her 15 years of active and hard diet and you’ll look fairly similar! (She’s size UK 6 by the way. I just looked it up).

Obviously you can go the ‘wild thing’ way where you start shedding the pounds day by day like a maniac living on wheatgrass, sprouts, steamed chicken and juices doing two hours of hard exercise every day (it can also be healthy but not my way); I know people who do that but if you don’t have the willpower to stick to it (I don’t!), take the easy way. Slower process but you still get there. You’ll fail a few times but you get better and better at it. I mean being healthy and not failing! I try to give as many information and food plans and experience as I can and there are so many other blogs and websites to help you. Or your GP, a nurse, a friend, children, family, colleagues or just a stranger, magazines, slimming clubs, local gym (YIKES!). And being on a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you can no longer indulge. You can, every once in a while, you can still eat some takeaway occasionally or eat a cake or doughnuts or chocolates or drink some wine. Anything. Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to restrict all (food)pleasures of life. Give yourself time to change and change step by step! Think! Give your life a chance!


One thought on “Little Miss Peacock

  1. I like this ! It’s a very good inspiration after all the food I had during christmas time and the week I spent in bed and with no excercise ! I am not slim but neither chubby I think I am “normal” but I need a couple weeks of diet now so I will look every now and then at your post ! 😊 go girl !

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