Last night I went to  a Christmas party for the invitation of my friends. It was the Filipino-British community’s party in Exeter. The most random thing this season.
I tried some really nice food and I absolutely fell in love with puto. That’s the green thingy. I just love it.


It’s a traditional Filipino cake made of rice flour. It’s not too sweet and I can’t even describe but I’m sure I’ll make some soon. Although for the moment I’m concentrating on my cookie baking skills. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture of it. They sort of looked OK but they were a bit dry and breaking up and I didn’t put enough almonds in them either. Oh, and a warning label should have said: May contain traces of baking paper. I guess I don’t have to explain it any further…
So, back to the party, and my plate, the macaroni is with cream, raisin and fruits. As I’m falling in love with macaroni cheese at the moment it was a bit strange to taste sweet macaroni but it was nice. Unfortunately the only other vegetarian food I could try was papaya and pickles slices in some sour sauce with rice. Another one I have to try again!
As I learnt although Filipino eat a lot of rice, noodles and vegetables they put meat or fish in everything. For a few moments I wished I ate meat. They looked so intriguing and smelt so good. Although I was the only vegetarian and it was the first time they met me one of the ladies was really helpful checking out all the food they had to see if I can eat it and every time they brought some new food (the community members) she asked around if there’s any meat in it.
I read it the other day most people turn to meat-eating again in year of becoming vegetarian. Well, I’m on year 3! I only ate meat once in Helsinki when using my amazing Finnish language knowledge I bought a vegetarian sandwich in a shop. All by myself. Without asking for help. Filled with broiler chicken. Ooops. But I was so hungry not having eaten anything all day I ate it. Returned in less than 5 minutes. Epic fail.
I also realised while talking to my friend I have never ever made lasagna at home.  So that’s mission for the next week or so. And I’d like to have New York cheesecake for Christmas but I’ll buy one rather than trying to make one. I’m afraid of this Christmas a little bit.


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