Just a quick thought while I’m still on my way home:
The words I use probably the most are ‘thanks’ (even if I do a favour for you I say thanks for the opportunity for helping you) and ‘sorry’ (even if it’s not my fault or I haven’t done anything. I’m sure it’s my fault anyway…)
One more hour and I’m home. I still owe you a post of Vienna Christmas market and Schonnbrunn and loads of pictures.
But as I’m travelling for more than 10 hours by now and I still have an hour left I feel tired, I’m still suffering from cold and in the meantime I became deaf partly on the flight. It was fun to talk to people when I didn’t hear what they were saying to me… yuk
On the other hand, these hours I spent alone just sent my brain into a whirlwind session and I’m processing so many thoughts that I get lost sometimes. I might be a bigger mess now  than I was before my holiday…


3 thoughts on “Long is the road. Literally

  1. I used to be a ” thank you ” and “sorry” person always myself, I am now trying to refrain from that because I think that refusing to say sorry when it’s actually not my fault and thank you when the other person wasn’t not polite to me is a good way to self affirmation, which itself is a great first step toward happyness… I don’t know, it was just my thought 😊

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