I got to a point which I could never imagine happening to me: I’M CRAVING FOR HEALTHY FOOD!
Avocado, banana, celery salad, greek yoghurt, kiwi, clementine, beetroot, linseed, corn. That’s what I just bought as grocery shopping.
Well spotted! No chocolate!
Ok, I bought macadamia cream but I don’t eat it. Now.  Maybe a bit later because that’s not something I can have in the UK.
I can’t believe I went for healthy food rather than junk food. Usually my holiday is about junk good (chocolates, traditional Hungarian oily or sweet things, cakes, hot chocolates, awful lot of bread, etc )
And binging on then for a week was more than enough. After like 4-5 days I wanted to eat something fresh and healthy and good and now I’m finally there.
So my diet is really worth it. Well, my planned lifestyle change. It’s working.
I don’t know if it work going because I got used to it or because I feel better (YEAY) but I definitely feel I need to eat healthier and I definitely feel better in my mind.
On the other hand there’s an amazing selection of vegetarian/vegan/organic food here and that’s so cool:


There are so many things I want to try.
Later I’ll post some more about Vienna and Klosterneuburg  (good luck with pronouncing it!) and some lovely pictures.
Roll on lunch now! And roll on documentary on The Lost Caves of Tibet


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