My dreams are seriously crazy. I just had one Harry Potter dream where I dreamt a while movie before Harry was born and Dumbledore didn’t have a beard yet. I think I was Snape’s daughter. I don’t remember much to be fair but it was like watching a movie with dementors and big park and children playing quidditch and some wizardry creatures. When I became part of the movie I woke up because Snape didn’t have a daughter.
But then I fell asleep again and I went back in time to have a better understanding of the characters and it turned out they were all members if a communist movement during the Cold War with their full support to the Soviet Union in the USA. The HQ was in an abandoned prison with green doors and underground secret rooms and everybody spoke Russian. I was there for a while being a member of this secret group but someone betrayed us and I barely managed to escape during total lock down. I offered to close the gates and then I stepped outside the gate.  They couldn’t follow me because they were not authorised to do anything outside the premises. So I walked away feeling worried and crying.
WHAT?????!!!!! How on earth can I come up with dreams like this???


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