Depression is a bitchy thing. And you keep fighting it off, you keep smiling and you try so hard to get back on track. You hope that this day will be it and you finally feel good and have plans and you treat yourself and everything is very good and then suddenly the voices start again and it all turns around. You’re crap. Nobody loves you. You’re not worthy. Nobody cares for you. You don’t deserve to be treated well. You need to be punished. All the people hate you. They lie to you. They pretend to be your friends but they’re fake. They don’t care. And you just want to shout and scream and tell the voices to go and that’s not true. You Don’t Want To Hear Them Anymore! But your voice is getting weaker. You’re quite and the voices are strong and loud. You’re not worthy. You can save the world. You can make everyone laugh. You can help a lot of people. You can stand up for justice. But you can’t save yourself. You can’t fight all the time. Your will is bending. You’re getting weaker as your voice dies away. And tonight you just can’t fight. You are no longer able to fight. You accept the voices. They beat you. And you no longer fight. You no longer fight your demons. You lost. You lost your battle. Your war. And you know your only way out is to turn your light off. For good.


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