Having another sleepless night with some disturbing thoughts and I bumped into two amazing thoughts I think worth sharing. This one is from Humans of New York:
Friends should be friends together, and play together, and not let another friend be lonely. They should make a game together, and have fun together and not let them kick people or punch people. They should also watch fairy movies and play in the park.

And the other is from Tara Stiles :
There is strength in softness and softness in strength. It’s a choice how we are, how we move, how we think, how we act. When you find yourself making jerkey movements, thoughts , actions and choices, allow yourself to soften . Find strength. Stay soft. You’ll create a space in all that ease. Keep your structure open so you can have room to explore, play and create.

Well, I try to save a friendship. Hope I can overcome my issues.

(Photo credit HONY )


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