I’m watching a document series about the pyramids in Egypt.
This series brings a new view in pyramids and their functions.
It seems that some of the pyramids like The Great Pyramid were not used as tombs as it was previously believed. Based on what they explain it seems they were huge energy generators, well electricity generators. For example they haven’t found any scorch marks inside the pyramid which brings the question how people saw anything inside. And the material they build it from and the structure is also interesting : the basement is built of a certain lymestone called dolomite that has a high magnesium  content which is a great conductor for electricity while the rest of it is made of a different type that has no magnesium content. They used the Nile to generate energy when it flooded every 6 months.
Also the pyramid is built on a natural energy line, well in the crossing of two. One of them is very strong and the other is a weak line and it all belongs to the natural electromagnetic field on the Earth.
It’s interesting to learn a different concept of ancient times however I’m somewhat lost in all the scientific explanation as you might have guessed.
If you have time and you’re interested watch The Pyramid Code. The series is produced by Carmen Boulson who is an archeologist.
It’s definitely a good end of my day after feeling miserable all day. It seems bath helped. That’s when I started watching it. Enjoy your day!

(Photo credit is Wikipedia )


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